2017 Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept

2017 Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept
2017 Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept Artega, the German sports vehicle producer, has commissioned Touring Superleggera with the layout of their subsequent all-electric powered ultimate sports automobile.

The Artega Scalo Superelletra is the preview of the collection version to be introduced from spring 2019 on; the manufacturing is exactly restricted to 50 units. It is powered with the aid of 4 excessive strength electric motors providing supercar overall performance and a brand new riding enjoy.

Unusually, Scalo Superelletra has 3 full-sized seats, with a critical driving role, imparting practicality, space optimisation and the closing driving enjoy.

Artega dictated a demanding briefing. Klaus D. Frers, Artega proprietor and CEO, states: "The emblem name 'Artega' comes from the Italian phrase 'arte' for artwork - the art of sports automobile production. Art comes from ability, it is passion and thought. These are the fundamental values of the brand. The venture was to preserve the middle of Artega at the same time as achieving the subsequent level of each - Artega and the very top of the marketplace segment of exceptional motors".

Touring Superleggera was chosen because the stylist because of their particular 90+ 12 months records which has produced some of the sector's greatest designs, and recent a success tune document with fashions along with the Disco Volante Coupé and Spyder, Berlinetta Lusso and Mini Superleggera Vision, demonstrating their capability in combining Italian layout and craftsmanship with an expansion of different topics.

"We are thrilled of the opportunity to design a fully electric powered car. There have been a few challenges here, in particular in locating the right proportions for the 3-seater format. The modern electric powered bundle, however, offers a higher degree of freedom and we tried to take complete benefit from it." - states Piero Mancardi, CEO of Touring - "The undertaking grew incredibly rapid, with terrific degrees of mutual expertise with Artega".

In developing the brand new layout, Touring has adhered to Artega's strict concepts. It changed into critical that the auto changed into visually stunning, with best proportions. It additionally had to be discreet, understated and unembellished with pointless ornamentation.

Obviously a sports activities car, it additionally shows its high priced features, with out being ostentatious. Clean, easy, minimalistic traces ensure the design is a timeless traditional masterpiece, suitable for any occasion or occasion, but highlighting its exclusivity and showcasing a technical tour de force. In brief, it had to be seen as a work of art in accordance with the center values of Artega.

Touring's new layout has maintained Artega's visual brand identity whilst recognising the dressmaker's culture of creating beauty through simplicity and purity of line.

Subtle design features, which includes putting the door in the centre of the automobile's profile, provide a balanced shape, which accentuates the automobile's beauty. At the equal time, different motifs, including the razor facet wing profiles, the close line of the door, the attitude of the B-pillar and the new air exhaust stores for the front brakes, point to the car's dynamic traits. Aerodynamic optimisation enhances those dynamics.

Practicality is embodied inside the layout too, with the door reduce-outs inside the roof to facilitate an smooth get right of entry to to the 3 seats, each of that's an man or woman complete length bucket placed parallel to the centreline. Generous headroom is hinted at with the polished detailing strip above the aspect window.

Artega Scalo Superelletra makes use of a brand new carbon fibre monocoque with high tensile tubular metallic sub-frames the front and rear, in turn strengthened with carbon fibre crossbars.

In-preserving with Touring lifestyle, the bodywork blends aluminium with CFRP panels (PU is used for bumpers). Carbon fibre is selected for weight for bonnet, hood and doorways.

There are four water-cooled synchronised excessive performance e-machines from the German manufacturer VOLTABOX, those within the rear rated at 400kW with a 500kW height, and the two front ones rated at 350kW with a height output of 400kW. They offer a total nominal output of 750kW -1,020HP, with a peak output of 940kW - 1,278HP. With 1,620Nm torque and using torque vectoring, and on a target kerb weight under 1,850Kg, stellar overall performance is assured.

Particular attention is paid to eco-friendliness in manufacturing. Not only is the producing technique CO2-neutral, however the car is completely recyclable, and as plenty use as feasible is made of herbal materials.

The all-new Artega Scalo Superelletra addresses the rate section from EUR 500,000 to EUR one million. Orders can be positioned to the producer in opposition to down charge of EUR a hundred,000.

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