2017 Honda Accord Hybrid

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid
2017 Honda Accord Hybrid With its innovative and fashionable two-motor hybrid powertrain, the 2014-2015 Accord Hybrid set the benchmark for a mid-length hybrid sedan in refinement, superior era and class-leading gas efficiency. The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid movements even further ahead of its competitors with the software of a second-generation -motor hybrid system, imparting even more fuel performance and sophistication main total system horsepower at the same time as benefitting from the styling and technological improvements made to the Accord lineup for version yr 2016. From an Accord own family perspective, the new Honda Accord Hybrid is the ultimate Accord, the most delicate, technologically state-of-the-art and, of path, most fuel efficient version inside the lineup.

Celebrating its fortieth anniversary in 2016, the Accord has set the benchmark for motors within the midsize sedan class. Accord is extensively identified as a section-defining product, delivering elegance-leading interior space and superior ergonomics together with superb gas performance, delicate and responsive driving dynamics and top-magnificence safety overall performance. This is what has made the Accord America's maximum famous automobile for 5 of the beyond six years and for the final 3 years walking, and the high-quality-selling midsize vehicle to customers underneath 35 years antique for the past 4 years.

The 2016 Accord acquired a couple of upgrades that further superior the 9th-era Accord by making it more stylish, sophisticated and sportier and with improved safety capabilities and different technological advancements. For the 2017 model year, the Accord Hybrid blessings from some of these improvements that also encompass new top class functions together with the blended utility of Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™, the multiplied use of LED outdoors lighting fixtures and the application of the Honda Sensing™ suite of protection and driving force assistive technologies, presented as standard device on the 2017 Accord Hybrid.

Additional new available functions for the 2017 Accord Hybrid, relying on version and trim, encompass remote engine begin, the front and rear parking sensors, rain sensing wipers, heated rear seats and car high-beam headlights. The Accord Hybrid will also characteristic new outside colors and indoors fabrics and d├ęcor. Hybrid-different layout capabilities consist of a unique aluminum hood and particular alloy wheel layout, blue highlighted LED headlights and taillights and "Hybrid" outdoors badging. A greater compact hybrid battery % increases trunk ability to a class-main 13.5 cu.-ft. Within the midsize hybrid sedan phase.

Combining the following era of Honda's -motor hybrid device with an ultra-green 2.Zero-liter i-VTEC Atkinson Cycle engine, the 2017 Accord Hybrid powertrain will acquire height blended output of 212 horsepower, the best of any midsize hybrid sedan and up 16 horsepower over the 2015 Accord Hybrid. EPA gas economic system scores of 49/47/forty eight (metropolis/highway/combined) positioned the Accord Hybrid on the pinnacle of the class for scores, making it the maximum powerful and gas efficient midsize hybrid sedan in America. These EPA gasoline economy ratings are based totally on new, more stringent rankings requirements enacted through the U.S. EPA for the 2017 version year. Based on the brand new necessities, Honda estimates the 2015 Accord Hybrid rankings would be forty eight/45/47 (without a doubt rated at 50/45/forty seven beneath the preceding method), indicating a +1/+2/+1 boom for the 2017 model over the previous model.


Offering a large powertrain upgrade from the preceding Accord Hybrid, the 2017 model functions the second-technology Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) -motor hybrid powertrain. This state-of-the-art, delicate and seamlessly running device similarly extends the Accord Hybrid's advantages over its competitors with even more electricity and gasoline efficiency.

Honda's 2d-generation i-MMD makes use of a -motor hybrid approach with 3 running modes - EV Drive, Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive - responding to the demands of the driver while maximizing gas performance. Under most conditions, the automobile operates in Hybrid Drive mode, wherein the gas engine operates as a generator, imparting electric powered power to the hybrid batteries, with motive power provided by using the electric propulsion motor. Under positive conditions, the Accord Hybrid can function on electric strength simplest, with the engine shut off. In Engine Drive Mode, used specially for the duration of medium- to excessive-velocity cruising, the car can function on fuel engine electricity simplest.

Changes to the two-motor i-MMD for the 2017 Accord Hybrid consist of enhancements to the gasoline engine, electric generator, electric motor, Power Control Unit (PCU), Intelligent Power Unit (IPU) and lock-up seize. These 2nd-technology refinements reduce weight, size and complexity, and boom power and efficiency, all of that have packaging and overall performance blessings. Furthermore, to decorate the fun element, the i-MMD includes a brand new Sport mode.

The end result of the 2017 Accord Hybrid's present day powertrain era is a amusing-to-pressure individual, aided through a new Sport mode and an 8.2 percent growth in overall machine energy to 212 horsepower (as measured by means of the peak, concurrent output of the 2 electric vehicles and fuel engine), coupled with fuel efficiency unrivaled in its phase. The Accord Hybrid has EPA gas economic system rankings of 49/47/forty eight mpg (town/dual carriageway/combined) - giving it via a long way the great-in-class scores for midsize hybrid sedans. These EPA fuel economy scores are based totally on new, more stringent ratings necessities enacted by the U.S. EPA for the 2017 model 12 months.

Second-Generation Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive (i-MMD) Two-Motor Hybrid System

The 2017 Accord Hybrid's 2d-era i-MMD -motor hybrid system is a rather green powertrain that selects the gold standard drive operation under a huge range of riding situations to mix a a laugh-to-force man or woman with first rate gas performance. Detailed power management for every thing, as managed by the Power Control Unit (PCU), enables this device to make the first-class use of each the electrical propulsion motor and the fuel engine to seamlessly offer smooth and responsive overall performance and to garner pinnacle EPA fuel economic system ratings inside the midsize hybrid sedan magnificence.

To help maximize performance on the street, the Accord Hybrid seamlessly shifts between 3 wonderful pressure operations: EV Drive (100 percent electric powered motor), Hybrid Drive (electric motor and gas engine [driving the generator motor]) and Engine Drive (gas engine). The Accord Hybrid's powertrain shifts seamlessly and smoothly most of the three riding operations, using energy from the Atkinson-cycle i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine and the electric motor to suit the driving situations second to moment. An animated visible show of modern-day operation power flow, together with regeneration, may be displayed at the Multi-Information Display (MID) inside the middle of the device cluster.

Engine Block, Crankshaft and Pistons

The engine has a displacement of 1993cc. Cast-in iron cylinder liners provide lengthy-lasting durability. Each magazine on the forged-metallic crankshaft is micro-polished to reduce inner friction. To enhance smoothness in the course of the rpm range and assist decrease noise stages, the Accord Hybrid is fitted with an internal balancer unit. Consisting of a couple of chain-pushed counter-rotating shafts positioned in the oil pan, the balancing system helps quell the inherent 2d-order harmonic vibrations which can be generally associated with inline 4-cylinder engines.

The 2.0-liter engine has cylinder bores offset with the aid of 6.0 mm from the crankshaft to help lessen piston-sliding friction. This offers the connecting rods a extra favorable attitude at some point of every electricity stroke, which reduces facet loading at the pistons and, in flip, improves performance. The light-weight pistons have a carefully optimized skirt design to decrease reciprocating weight, and reduced weight minimizes vibration and increases operating efficiency.

Cylinder Head and Valvetrain

The Accord Hybrid 4-cylinder engine has a lightweight cylinder head that is manufactured from stress-cast aluminum alloy. A silent chain drives dual overhead cams and four valves in line with cylinder. The cam power is upkeep free throughout the existence of the engine.

To help boost gas performance and strength, the engine has a three.Four-degree blanketed perspective between the consumption and exhaust valves. The slender valve perspective decreases the floor-to-quantity ratio and helps create a flatter, more compact combustion chamber that reduces unburned hydrocarbon emissions. This combustion chamber form and an appropriate manipulate allows a excessive compression ratio of thirteen.0:1, but the engine nonetheless operates on normal unleaded gas.

Automatic Modes

The transmission, with its console-installed immediately-gate shifter, may be operated in two one of a kind completely automatic modes. The D (Drive) mode is ideal for maximum driving conditions, and combines gas performance with easy operation and responsive strength while wished. The B (Brake) mode offers notably increased regenerative braking to help in extra efficient hybrid operation and consequently expanded gasoline performance.

Sport Mode

For the first time the 2017 Accord Hybrid consists of a sport mode that provides a greater enticing using enjoy with the aid of adding greater battery assist to the propulsion motor for expanded acceleration overall performance. It combines a sportier response to driving force enter with exhilarating acceleration sense. Sport mode is activated via pressing at the SPORT button placed below the transmission immediately-gate shifter and may be used in either Drive or Brake mode. A green SPORT icon lighting fixtures at the device panel in this mode.

Body and Exterior

The most sophisticated model inside the Accord nameplate's history, the crisply styled and aerodynamically efficient 9th-generation Accord Hybrid frame layout is similar to the adjustments made to the gasoline engine powered 2016 Accord. Every factor of the frame is tailored to enhance all components of the Accord Hybrid ownership experience, from extra specific journey and coping with to a quieter indoors environment, together with more advantageous visibility and expanded gas performance.

The 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid receives an all-aluminum hood of a different design than its gas engine stable associates presenting subtle model differentiation along with advantages of the lighter weight cloth. Additional styling variations consist of blue-accented grille, headlights and back lights, and unique Hybrid badging.
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2017 Honda Accord Hybrid
2017 Honda Accord Hybrid
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