2017 Italdesign Zerouno

2017 Italdesign Zerouno
2017 Italdesign Zerouno "Lightweight". This became the beginning idea that designers and engineers applied for the Italdesign Zerouno assignment. Right from the primary styling draft, the Styling Centre and the Engineering Development Department implemented what's described as simultaneous engineering, a work technique advanced and perfected by Italdesign way back at the stop of the Nineteen Sixties and constantly progressed over the agency's nearly fifty-year history.

Designers and engineers work simultaneously to carry ahead styling answers and practical-feasibility checks till a super compromise is accomplished that meets layout and performance necessities alike. Functional design has continually prominent projects set in movement and advanced in Moncalieri: there are no styling proposals at Italdesign that do not additionally simultaneously include a technical solution.

"The development of the Zerouno was primarily based at the expertise carried out inside the designing of loads of cars in our forty nine-years history" Antonio Casu, Chief Technical Officer, stated. "To reach the timing target we implemented the present day CAx and Simulation Technologies. Styling has been integrated because the very beginning with early engineering and manufacturing approaches. All this allowed us to produce a trendy car in terms of overall performance and safety."

Limiting the very last weight of the auto as a ways as possible so one can ensure remarkable performances by means of similarly emphasising the carbon fibre and aluminium chassis and the effective V10 five.2 certainly aspired engine become the objective described proper from the start of this mission.

This is why the whole bodywork is in carbon fibre. The identical material is also generously used in the cockpit; the country of the artwork in fibre layering technology, collectively with the abilties of craftsmen at some point of the finishing degrees, mixed to acquire a light weight - despite the automobile measuring 4847 mm in length and 1970 mm in width through 1204 mm in peak.

"We placed it our quality talents into the production of the first car - Massimo Bovi, Head of Pre-Series Center and Production, brought - the use of a number of the greatest productions strategies and attractive our excessive professional employees. At the equal time we engaged deeply in the modern-day technologies in electric powered and electronics. Therefore this first vehicle is showcasing our information gained in our history".

"The Automobili Speciali Zerouno is an invite to all of our customers to visit our facility, get to recognise our skills and take advantege of them - stated Massimo Martinotti, Head of Business Development. "Our assignment witnesess what we are able to offer to OEMs international except our conventional services: namely the opportunity to layout and build for them Ultra Low Series models".

Beauty is the beast

Simultaneous engineering is ideally expressed by the exterior layout. These two souls live together in whole harmony and exemplify the car's person: racing performances with kind-approval for using on ordinary roads.

"The outdoors is characterised through the 2 sides of the equal coin," - stated Filippo Perini, Head of Innovation Design at Italdesign: "Above the tornado line, surfaces are incredibly softer and smoother in line with the Italian Gran Turismo way of life. The lower element is modelled with the aid of aerodynamics. To acquire the performances we had in thoughts, we needed to dare to head beyond all limits in styling or even from a simply technical factors of view. The final results ensures a very excessive effect with out ever being layout for layout's sake".

Relying on Italdesign advanced Virtual Reality Centre and the simulation strategies of Engineering, the designers had been capable of become aware of the maximum aerodynamic technical and aesthetic answers and take a look at them without delay - even before starting work on building the auto.

"We created the Zerouno to demonstrate the fine abilties of our 1,000 personnel primarily based on fourty-nine years of experience to in addition broaden this business in the future, the use of the excellent and quickest approaches and collaboration models. Beside presenting these Ultra Low Series Programmes to all involved events we are able to keep this story and positioned every 18-24 months bold and innovative concepts in an Ultra Low Series on the street to power innovation forward so it may be skilled in day by day existence and to illustrate the state of the art in era for our clients" said Jörg Astalosch, CEO Italdesign.

Functional layout applied to rims

Rims are generally noticed because of their generous dimensions and the aesthetic impact they've on the overall extent of the car. This detail became additionally especially designed for Zerouno and is the similarly the final results of combined styling and engineering. Built in aluminium by way of the Italian business enterprise OZ, with a diameter of 20", rims were designed to extract the new air generated by the effective carbon-ceramic braking gadget with 8 pistons at the the front and six at the rear. The shape is fitted with a fringe turbine in carbon fibre that maximises the aerodynamic impact and the cooling of the breaking gadget.


In order to acquire a light weight designers and engineers additionally joined forces in the cockpit. Since this automobile has type-acclaim for driving on public roads - it's miles consequently geared up with front and aspect airbags.

Italdesign emphasized using fabric and on-board systems ensuring excessive performance and low weight. The interior of the automobile is concurrently important yet elegant, in line with the outside: carbon fibre dominates the overall styling. Door panels, dashboard and vital tunnel are all made exclusively with this material. The virtual cockpit homes all the auto's most important controls. Three small monitors in the middle of the dashboard, then again, manipulate all air con capabilities.

The twin-seize 7 pace gearbox is controlled through conventional paddles installed in the back of the steering wheel.

Endless customisation

The five fortunate owners of Italdesign Zerouno might be capable of maximise the customisation of their motors so that each one can be absolutely specific. Over and above completing the bodywork with a shade mainly advanced for the consumer, which includes full carbon appearance, Italdesign has additionally developed numerous non-compulsory applications concerning the exterior and inside the cockpit.

The most severe customisation is obtainable with the "Corsa" package deal, which enhances an accentuated aerodynamic format devoted to race tune overall performance and is designed to make sure the performances and the coping with of the auto with unique designed light weight side mirrors, carbon fibre monocoque seats frame, racing rear wing with primary longitudinal fin, monodado rims and a committed sport, titanium made, muffler. The "Corsa" package deal can be for track use simplest.

The unique alliance with Roger Dubuis

The international release of Italdesign Zerouno entails an alliance among Italdesign and Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis, renowned for its avant-garde method to layout and engineering, to create an different 8-piece, proudly Italian series of the emblem's iconic Excalibur Spider wrist watch. Produced in hi-tech and revolutionary substances such carbon and ceramic, the Excalibur Spider Italdesign Edition perfectly represents the ahead-searching mind-set that preferably unites Italdesign and Roger Dubuis in their respective industries.

The perception of tailormade and home made, the eye to element, the choice of the nice materials feasible, fired via a aggregate of significant understanding, comprehensive knowledge, sophisticated research and revolutionary pressure are the key elements shared via the Zerouno and the Excalibur Spider. Powered with the aid of hand-wound Flying Tourbillon Skeleton Calibre RD505SQ, the Excalibur Spider Italdesign Edition with its contemporary substances and international-magnificence design is no exception to these values and a incredible image of a fruitful partnership to come.
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2017 Italdesign Zerouno
2017 Italdesign Zerouno
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